Hello Boulder

The talk of the town seems to be why Boulder is number one for startups, and a visit this week from a NY Times writer has further fanned the self love.  Having just “debated” Chad for two months on what city was best to launch our technology business, I feel I should weigh in.

Here is how we stacked up each of the tech hubs we considered:

San Fran – Big name connections & mentors, small fish in a crowded ocean, expensive, high taxes, outdoor lifestyle available
NYC – Our great friends, expensive, aggressive tech scene, amazing nightlife drains funds/concentration
Seattle – Well established startup scene, too rainy in fall, great outdoor lifestyle, we have no contacts
Boulder – Collaborative & fast growing startup scene, outdoor adventures, have a few friends, low cost of living
Austin – no taxes, sexy accents, tech scene is gearing up but still seems small, lifestyle great but not outdoorsy

A lot of people told us to go to San Fran because of the access to Capital.  We didn’t include that in our decision process because we didn’t see it being hugely effected by geography. When the product is ready to be taken to the next level, we can fly to San Fran or NYC looking for the best partner if one is not available in Boulder.

Hello Boulder

One thought on “Hello Boulder

  1. Great post guys. Good calculus too. I’m obviously biased (towards Boulder) but think the coolest thing you’ve done is decide to try something on your own. THAT was the most important decision. I’m sure you will be successful anywhere you decide to go. I’m real glad to have you guys in Boulder!

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