Dev Partner for Split Our Tab

Our first project was SplitOurTab, a site to help group travelers and roommates split expenses. Development stopped after a month because we got more excited about Nudgems, but we still want to see it come to fruition because the existing solutions stink. We know there is a need since initial users are still begging us to finish it, and we constantly find ourselves wanting to use it personally. We don’t have the bandwidth so we’re looking for a front end dev/designer (It’s built in RoR) that wants to partner with us to finish it up. Clearly they would be doing a lot of the work, and the revenue share would reflect that.

The vision is a site that allows groups to settle complex shared costs like roommate expenses and vacation rentals where many people paid for different things, sharing isn’t equal across everyone and where existing inter-friend debts exist. It’s a headache, we know cause we deal with it a lot, and the current solutions are just payment processing systems, not platforms that take the pain out of the calculation. It could be so much easier, everyone could login and put in their expenses, find the other participants through Facebook and then just click one button to settle the entire event with Paypal.

Most of the backend logic is running, but the UI needs to be enhanced. A good dev/design crew could complete the basics in a couple months part-time. It definitely has growth potential with a mobile app, premium features and white labeling for the travel industry. Get in touch with us and let’s make this happen!

Dev Partner for Split Our Tab

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