How Boulder increases our company’s chance of success

We moved to Boulder four months ago and it was a fantastic decision. The town’s values, and abundance of willing mentors make it a perfect place for new entrepreneurs trying to learn the ropes. It’s a place that values risk takers and those that take big swings to try and make a difference in the world. There are just under 100k residents here and yet it contains an outsized number of accomplished people and budding superstars who are willing to help the newcomers.

Risk taking and lifestyle design aren’t desirable career traits everywhere but in Boulder they are admired. This attitude has drawn hundreds of startups to town and the passion and energy from those endeavors is infectious. When we’re working at coffeeshops we’re surrounded by our fellow bootstrappers and it gives us energy to try even harder. Of course there are failed endeavors, but people view those founders as wiser and experienced from the ordeal rather than as personal failures. Its a positive environment where we are not afraid to take big swings.

The mentorship driven growth strategy made famous by TechStars is at the heart of what makes Boulder a great place for startups. The town has an absolute plethora of accomplished entrepreneurs, financiers and academics that are passionate about business and willing to give honest feedback. Some of the most popular VCs attend networking events like the Boulder Open Coffee Club and even hold office hours so people can chat with them. Breaking into the startup ecosystem was one of our top priorities and thanks to the collaborative environment here, we’ve had access to the level of mentors we wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else.

Boulder has given us confidence, mentors and fundamentally shaped our thinking about startups in a positive way. Its budding reputation as an important startup hub is evidence that outsiders are starting to see what the locals already know. If you are thinking about moving your business here, do it! Call us when you do, we’d love to give newcomers the welcome that we received.

How Boulder increases our company’s chance of success

3 thoughts on “How Boulder increases our company’s chance of success

  1. That’s great to hear, Joel. I had the same experience while visiting. I’ve often considered moving there, but have not taken the leap yet. I’m glad you were able to do so and that it’s working out for you.

    I was also amazed at the number of people I met during Startup Week that decided to move there shortly thereafter. One even canceled his return flight and stayed there. I think that’s a testament to the type of community Boulder has built.

    Looking forward to hearing more great things out of Boulder. Best of luck!

  2. Too bad you missed BOCC this morning, Joel! This is exactly what Matt Galligan said to the crowd as he was explaining his decision to leave to go to San Fran. He said he wouldn’t be where he was today without Boulder and everyone in the community.

    I think everyone in the tech community in Boulder would agree with both of you.

  3. Sebastien says:

    You sure do make a compelling argument. Love what you’re doing out there. Can’t wait to see this magical land with my own eyes.

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