Rails Web Developer

We are looking for an experienced and passionate Ruby on Rails developer to join our team. We have a number of very challenging technology hurdles that include a scaleable web-to-print solution. We’re looking for someone with the vision, technical skills and passion to help make our shopping experience world class! As we describe in this post, we are passionate about creating an amazing company culture and expect this person to not only contribute amazing things to the product, but be a key part of the company culture and contribute to its overall direction.


Extensive Ruby on Rails, HTML, and Database design experience.
Rails application deployment and performance experience.
CSS, Javascript, and JQuery experience.
Interest in pushing the boundaries of Css 3 and HTML 5.

Want to know a little more about us?

Joel & Chad are two very driven, down to earth individuals who quit their promising careers in the corporate world to start something new. We both work very hard, but also know how to play hard… whether that be enjoying the amazing outdoors, the nightlife, or both. We are extremely flexible and often work from different places and/or times, but at the end of the day we value ourselves and our employees on the contributions they provide to the company.

Rails Web Developer

2 thoughts on “Rails Web Developer

    1. Yes for an A+ dev. The ultimate goal of any remote contract would be to see if the person fits and then get them to Colorado. Boulder is a wonderful place to live and the technology sector is booming.

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