If you had one shot, would you capture it?

Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted-One moment
Would you capture it or just let it slip?

…The soul’s escaping, through this hole that it’s gaping
This world is mine for the taking

-Emimem “Lose Yourself”

About a year ago Chad and I were sitting on a beach in Panama.  I was there for a retail bank acquisition and Chad had come for a long weekend to explore Panama.  It had been another 100 hour work week and I was exhausted.

To forget about work, we decided on a weekend surfing trip to a remote island called Isla Cebaco with my Panamanian friends.  We spoke about how we’d both realized that we did not want to be executives at GE and that we had always wanted to be entrepreneurs.  We had climbed the ladder and saw clearly where we’d end up.  The people who had the jobs we’d inherit were not living a life we’d enjoy.  To be happy we’d need more freedom see our ideas for a better world come to fruition.  Life needs to be an adventure, filled with the passion and excitement of chasing your dreams.  Is there any better way to live?

A lot of people have that realization, acting on it is a lot tougher.  In the moment of clarity that only a remote tropical beach offers, we saw our life in a different light.  We realized that we had an opportunity.  With no girlfriends, mortgages, children or debt we had little downside if we failed.  With our pedigrees, the GE jobs would always be there.  We started to plan the Split Our Tab business model with the hopes of having it up and running before leaving our jobs.  In the ensuing months we were both offered promotions.  We knew that if we took them, we wouldn’t be able to leave easily and our dream might become a low priority.

Would we let the opportunity slip?  Hell no!  We turned down the new positions and left GE 2 weeks later in late February.  About 4 weeks after that we realized that Split Our Tab wasn’t a good model and pivoted to Nudgems.com which we’re super excited about.

Last night, an old friend of mine said “what you guys are doing is so awesome” to which I responded “let’s see if we’re successful first” and Chad immediately commented “no, it’s awesome anyway, we’re living the life we always wanted and having fun”  I couldn’t agree more.

If you had one shot, would you capture it?